§ 152.043  PLUMBING.
   Every plumbing fixture and water and waste pipe shall be installed in an approved manner and maintained in good sanitary working condition, free from defects, leaks and obstructions.
   (A)   Water supply. Each kitchen sink, lavatory basin and bathtub or shower required under this chapter shall be connected with both hot and cold water lines in an approved manner.
   (B)   Water pressure. Water service pressure shall be sufficient to permit an adequate flow of water from all water faucets and flush toilets at all times.
   (C)   Water-heating facilities.  Every dwelling unit shall have supplied water-heating facilities which are properly installed, maintained in safe and good working condition, properly connected with hot water lines, and capable of heating water to such a temperature as to permit water to be drawn at every required kitchen sink, lavatory basin, bathtub or shower at a temperature of not less than 110°F.
(Ord. 11-015, passed 5-4-11)