If the Code Enforcement Officer determines that an emergency exists such that a public nuisance must be abated immediately without following the procedures set forth in §§ 156.03, 156.04 and 156.05 of this code, he or she may proceed to take steps necessary to abate the public nuisance to the extent such steps may legally be taken under applicable law regarding the abatement of public nuisances under emergency circumstances.  If feasible, the Code Enforcement Officer shall confer with the Director of Law before taking such steps.  If the nature of the emergency is such that §§ 156.03, 156.04 and 156.05 cannot be followed but it is feasible to obtain a legislative or judicial determination as to the need for emergency abatement of the public nuisance, the Code Enforcement Officer may seek a legislative determination from City Council or institute any appropriate court proceeding in regard to the matter. 
(Ord. 10-039, passed 6-15-10)