§ 155.03  SCOPE.
   (A)   This chapter shall apply to earth disturbing activities on areas designated below which are within the jurisdiction of the city unless otherwise excluded within this chapter.
      (1)   Land used or being developed for commercial, industrial or residential purposes. This includes nonfarm commercial, industrial or residential land in rural areas.
      (2)   Land used or being developed for streets, roads, highways, railroads, airports, other transportation facilities and utilities, and associated areas.
      (3)   Land used or being developed for private or public recreation wildlife, or natural purposes. This includes agricultural land converted or being converted to such uses.
   (B)   It does not include:
      (1)   Earth disturbing activities on agricultural areas subject to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Agricultural Pollution Abatement Standards implemented in conjunction with local soil and water conservation districts.
      (2)   Those areas managed jointly as farmland or commercial forest land and for other activities such as a campground, recreational trails, public fishing area, and the like.
      (3)   Oil and gas well drilling regulated by R.C. Chapter 1509.
      (4)   Earth disturbing or water management activities regulated under other more restrictive authority.
      (5)   Cemetery grave sites.
      (6)   Earth disturbing activities conducted by land owner or occupants such as gardening, planting trees, landscaping or other activities which may be determined by the Director of Public Service to not cause sediment pollution.
('65 Code, § 1391.03)  (Ord. 66-79, passed 6-5-79)