§ 155.02  PURPOSE.
   The purposes of this chapter are as follows:
   (A)   To permit development without increasing the flooding of other lands;
   (B)   To reduce damage to receiving streams and impairment of their capacity which may be caused by increases in the quantity and rate of water discharged, and the degradation of the quality of water being discharged;
   (C)   To establish a basis for design of a storm drainage system on lands below undeveloped areas which will preserve the rights and options of both upstream and downstream property owners and assure the long-term adequacy of storm drainage systems;
   (D)   To promote a system of erosion control which minimizes silting of downstream lands, streams, ponds and lakes; protects buildings and structures from damage as may result from erosion, and minimizes the loss and/or damage to soil and other natural resources;
   (E)   Since rapidly flowing storm water accounts for the major part of water pollution in the form of suspended solids, diffuse phosphorous, nitrogen and perhaps chemical and other heavy metallic pollutants, it shall be a purpose of this chapter to help reduce these water pollution agents and establish water quality requirements.
(‘65 Code, § 1391.02)  (Ord. 66-79, passed 6-5-79; Am. Ord. 08-027, passed 5-20-08; Am. Ord. 13-011, passed 3-19-13)