(A)   Application for appeal. Applications appealing any decision authorized to be appealed to the Board of Zoning Appeals shall be filed on forms supplied by the Zoning Inspector and shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Board of Zoning Appeals with the required fee within 15 calendar days after the date of the decision rendered by the Zoning Inspector or Planning Commission.
   (B)   Form of appeal or application. An appeal or application to the Board of Zoning Appeals shall be initiated by the appellant or applicant by filing with the Zoning Inspector a written appeal or application on forms supplied by the Zoning Inspector. Such application shall contain the following:
      (1)   Name and address of the appellant or applicant and/or his representative.
      (2)   Description of the property involved.
      (3)   Description of the nature of the appeal or variance requested.
      (4)   In cases of variances or conditional zoning appeals, a narrative statement demonstrating the compatibility of the variance with neighboring properties is required.
      (5)   Plans of the site indicating the location of all buildings, parking and loading areas, traffic access and circulation, open spaces, landscaping, refuse and service areas, utilities, signs, yards, and/or such other information necessary to properly evaluate the request.
      (6)   A nonrefundable fee, payable in cash or certified check, to reimburse the city for such expenses as clerical, drafting, engineering, investigation, public notice and hearing, and advertising incidental to the processing of the appeal or application. A schedule of fees is available from the Zoning Inspector and is listed in § 154.540.
(Ord. 16-167, passed 2-7-17)