(A)   Before constructing, changing the use of or altering any building, including accessory buildings, or changing the use of any premises, or erecting directional signs over six square feet, application shall be made to the Zoning Inspector for a zoning certificate. The application shall include the following information as applicable:
      (1)   A plot plan drawn to scale showing the exact dimensions of the lot to be built upon.
      (2)   The location, dimensions, height and bulk of structures to be erected.
      (3)   The intended use.
      (4)   The proposed number of sleeping rooms, dwelling units, occupants, employees and other uses.
      (5)   The yard, open area and parking space dimensions.
      (6)   Any other pertinent data as may be necessary to determine and provide for the enforcement of this chapter.
   (B)   Within ten days after the receipt of application, the Zoning Inspector shall issue a zoning certificate if the application complies with the requirements of this chapter and the application is accompanied by the proper fee as indicated in § 154.540. If review is required in §§ 154.045 through 154.081, then a zoning certificate shall not be issued until approved by the Planning Commission.
   (C)   The zoning certificate shall become void at the expiration of six months after the date of issuance unless construction is started or the use changed as applied for in the application. If no construction is started or use changed within six months of the date of the permit, a new permit is required upon proper application.
   (D)   If the application is for a conditional zoning certificate, the application procedure set forth in §§ 154.542 through 154.546 will be followed in lieu of the above regulations.
(‘65 Code, § 1307.01) (Ord. 98-138, passed 12-1-98)