§ 154.527  MEASUREMENTS.
   (A)   Measurements for compliance with these standards shall be made from the property line.  Measurements may be made at ground level or at habitable levels of buildings.
   (B)   If the city does not have the equipment or expertise to measure and evaluate a specific issue or complaint, it may request assistance from another agency or may contract with an independent expert to perform such measurements. The city may accept measurements made by an independent expert hired by the controller or operator of the off-site impact source.  If the city contracts to have measurements made and no violation is found, the city will bear the expense, if any, of the measurements.  If a violation is found, city expenses will be charged to the violator.  Nonpayment of the costs is a violation of the code, and enforced through the provisions of §§ 154.584, 154.585 and 154.999.
(Ord. 97-051, passed 7-1-97)