(A)   Tower type shall be limited to lattice self-supporting and monopole towers. No guy towers shall be permitted in the city.
   (B)   Towers shall either maintain a galvanized steel finish or, subject to any applicable standards of the FAA or FCC, be painted a neutral color, so as to reduce its visual obtrusiveness.
   (C)   The design of all buildings and related structures shall use materials, colors, textures, screening and landscaping that will blend the tower facilities to the natural setting and existing structures.
   (D)   All antennas and supporting equipment located on buildings or structures other than towers shall be of a neutral color that is identical to or closely compatible with the color of the supporting structure so as to make the antenna and related equipment as visually unobtrusive as possible.
   (E)   Towers shall not be artificially lighted unless required by the FAA, FCC or other applicable authority. If lighting is required, the Planning Commission shall review the lighting alternatives and approve the design that would cause the least disturbance to the surrounding areas. No strobe lighting of any type is permitted on any tower in the city unless mandated by the FAA.
   (F)   No advertising is permitted at wireless communications sites or on any structure.
(Ord. 97-036, passed 5-20-97)