(A)   All area and height regulations and other district regulations shall apply to use of a parcel by a wireless communications facility, including accessory equipment buildings. In addition, towers and antennas are subject to the following:
      (1)   Minimum tower setback. The tower shall be setback from public road right-of-way lines and other property lines a distance equal to the height of the tower in nonresidential districts and 2.5 times the height of the tower in residential districts.
      (2)   Maximum tower height. 200 feet.
      (3)   Adjacent tower separation. Towers 90 feet in height or higher may not be located within ½ mile of another tower which is 90 feet or higher in height.
   (B)   Site plans shall include the following minimum buffer plan:
      (1)   Fencing. A fence or other barrier a minimum height of six feet shall surround the facility including the tower and any accessory buildings.
      (2)   Landscaping. Existing vegetation shall be preserved to the maximum extent practical. Minimum new landscaping shall be an evergreen screen including trees with a maximum spacing of ten feet around the perimeter of the tower and accessory structure area. The landscaped area shall be a minimum of ten feet wide outside the fence area in nonresidential areas and a minimum of 20 feet wide outside the fence in residential areas.
   (C)   Vehicular access to the site shall, whenever feasible, be provided along the circulation driveways of the existing uses. Pavement materials and requirements shall be as required by the Planning Commission. The minimum standard permitted for paving materials shall be chip and seal paving.
(Ord. 97-036, passed 5-20-97)