The following signs are prohibited in the City of Wadsworth:
   (A)   Signs that exceed 250% of the sign area or 200% of the sign height requirements.
   (B)   Searchlights.
   (C)   Flashing, moving, animated, coursing, blinker, racer-type, intermittent, rotating, moving or revolving signs and/or devices, whirligig devices, inflatable signs and tethered balloons, pennants, ribbons, streamers, spinners, feather signs and other similar types of attention-getting devices except for changeable copy signs when in compliance with the applicable regulations in this section.
   (D)   Balloon, inflatable or wind signs.
   (E)   Off-premise commercial signs except as noted in § 154.475.
   (F)   Portable signs.
   (G)   Roof signs. 
   (H)   Vehicular signs.
   (I)   Other signs not expressly permitted by this section.
(Ord. 117-91, passed 3-17-92; Am. Ord. 130-95, passed 12-29-95; Am. Ord. 04-039, passed 7-20-04; Am. Ord. 07-045, passed 7-17-07; Am. Ord. 20-032, passed 7-21-20)  Penalty, see § 154.999