Any non-conforming sign that is removed, terminated, or discontinued for any reasons shall not be restored or replaced by any type of sign unless the sign is in conformance with 150% of the sign area and sign height regulations of this subchapter. For purposes of this section, sign face replacement shall constitute sign removal and the new sign face must comply with this subchapter. Refacing, repainting or otherwise repairing an existing non-conforming sign in order to exactly restore such damage or worn sign shall be exempt from review process as defined in § 154.482(B). A zoning certificate shall be required but no fee shall be charged for such sign face restoration.
(Ord. 117-91, passed 3-17-92; Am. Ord. 130-95, passed 12-29-95; Am. Ord. 07-045, passed 7-17-07) Penalty, see § 154.999