In addition to the requirements and conditions imposed on satellite earth stations by other provisions in the code, satellite earth stations in residential zoning districts shall also be subject to the following conditions.
   (A)   A ground-level earth station can only be erected in the rear yard of the main structure on the parcel.
   (B)   No earth station may be linked physically or electronically with any receiver not located on the parcel upon which the earth station is installed, except cooperatively where two or more neighbors wish to construct an earth station for their personal use. All parties involved must sign the application for a zoning certificate.
   (C)   Roof mounting of an earth station on the primary structure or accessory buildings is prohibited.
   (D)   An earth station may not be mounted on appurtenances such as towers, trees or spires.
   (E)   No more than one earth station shall be constructed on any given parcel.
   (F)   Maximum sizes of satellite earth stations:
Area of Lot
Diameter of Dish
Installation Height
Less than ¼ acre
8 feet
12 feet
¼ to ½ acre
10 feet
14 feet
Over ½ acre
12 feet
16 feet
   (G)   An earth station must be placed at least ten feet from the property line.
   (H)   On a corner lot, the placement of the satellite earth station must be approved by the Planning Commission.
   (I)   This section shall not govern multi-family developments of more than five dwelling units which are governed by § 154.460.
('65 Code, § 1356.06) (Ord. 10-86, passed 3-18-86; Am. Ord. 82-87, passed 12-1-87)