(A)   Any person, corporation or other entity desiring to erect or install a satellite earth station as a permitted or conditionally permitted use in any zoning district within the corporation limits of the city shall make application to the Zoning Inspector for a Zoning Certificate or the Planning Commission for a conditional zoning certificate for said satellite earth station and shall not erect or install said satellite earth station until such zoning certificate or the conditional zoning certificate is granted for it.
('65 Code, § 1356.03)
   (B)   The following information must be provided with the application for a zoning certificate or conditional zoning certificate for a satellite earth station.
      (1)   A plot plan that shows the dimensions of the parcel proposed for location of an earth station; the exact location of the earth station, including all dimensions and materials of the earth station; and the exact location and dimensions of all other buildings or structures on the same parcel as proposed for the earth station.
      (2)   A plan that shows detailed construction and installation specifications and plans prepared by a professional engineer. These plans must also show the location of all coaxial cable between the earth station and the receiver, and driving motors, grounding rods, low noise amplifiers, or other accessories to the earth station. The plans may be approved by other than a professional engineer if the applicant provides a copy of the manufacturer's specifications regarding construction and installation of the satellite earth station.
      (3)   The name and address of the following: the owner of the real estate; the applicant; the professional engineer who prepared the construction plans and specifications or the manufacturer's name and address; and the person or firm which will construct the proposed earth station.
('65 Code, § 1356.04)
(Ord. 10-86, passed 3-18-86; Am. Ord. 82-87, passed 12-1-87)