§ 154.407 DEFINITIONS.
   Definitions and standards are hereby established for determining required parking and loading facilities as follows.
   FLOOR AREA. For determining parking requirements means the total area of the floors of the building, or those parts used by the principal use or activity.
   OFF-STREET LOADING SPACE. An open or enclosed part of a building, directly accessible to a public street, used for the loading of goods and products accessory to the main use.
   OFF-STREET PARKING SPACE. An open or enclosed area, directly accessible from a public street, directly accessible from a drive or aisle, and not less than 300 square feet, inclusive of all drives, aisles, ramps and turning space.
   SEATING CAPACITY. For places of assembly means the number of seating units indicated on plans or based on six square feet of floor area per seat, exclusive of all aisles.
('65 Code, § 1353.03)