(A)   The Planning Commission's approval of a general development plan shall be an exception to the zoning regulations to the extent that the approved plan supercedes the regulations of the underlying zoning district.  The Commission's approval also constitutes a limitation on the use and design of the site unless the plan is amended as per modified pursuant to § 154.358.
   (B)   An approved general development plan allows the applicant to:
      (1)   Submit infrastructure improvement plans to the Engineering Department for review, as required.
      (2)   Submit preliminary and final subdivision plats, as required.
   (C)   The Planning Commission's general development plan approval shall be valid for 18 months.  If the project has not received Engineering plan approval or construction has not started within that time frame, the Planning Commission approval shall become null and void, and a new plan will need to be approved.
(Ord. 07-109, passed 11-20-07)