Each application for site plan review using these provisions must be accompanied with the following documents:
   (A)   Completed application for Planning Commission review.
   (B)   Cover letter explaining the intent of project; list of proposed uses; a description of the how the proposed uses are compatible; the proposed floor area (in square feet) for each use; the proposed density of residential uses; off-street parking required for the project area; and time line for anticipated "build-out" or phasing of the project.
   (C)   Fifteen copies of :
      (1)   Site location map.
      (2)   Site plan showing location of existing and proposed buildings; existing and proposed off-street parking facilities, existing and proposed utilities, infrastructure easements and other improvements as required by § 154.070 of this code.
      (3)   Floor plans and proposed uses for existing and proposed structures.
      (4)   Development phasing plan and time line.
   (D)   Traffic impact study and traffic improvement plan as required by § 154.077.
   (E)   Additional studies as required by the Planning Commission.
(Ord. 07-109, passed 11-20-07)