(A)   Apparel, antique, jewelry store.
   (B)   Furniture, home furnishings, office equipment and office supply.
   (C)   Optical goods store.
   (D)   Art, photo, stationery, notion, toy and gift sales.
   (E)   Drugstore.
   (F)   Clothing and apparel and variety store.
   (G)   Florist shop and garden supply.
   (H)   Food sales including supermarket.
   (I)   Hardware and paint sales.
   (J)   Sporting goods.
   (K)   Preparation and processing of food and drink to be retailed on the premises, including bakery, delicatessen, meat market, confectionery, restaurant, ice cream parlor, soda fountain and tavern.
   (L)   Barber and beauty shops.
   (M)   Shoe repair.
   (N)   Administrative, business or finance office and organization, including banks.
   (O)   Hotel or motel.
   (P)   General office use.
   (Q)   Personal services, including dry cleaning and laundry, shoe repair, tailor and dressmaking.
   (R)   Printing, blueprinting, newspaper printing.
   (S)   Other uses which are determined by the Planning Commission to be clearly similar to the permitted uses.
   (T)   Residential apartments above the ground floor of multi-story buildings.
(‘65 Code, § 1348.02) (Am. Ord. 05-054, passed 6-28-05) Penalty, see § 154.999