§ 154.301 AMENDMENTS.
   (A)   Changes. Amendments, changes, or supplements to the regulations contained in this chapter may be initiated by the Planning Commission on its own motion by majority vote of its members, or by filing an application therefor by any person. Upon the adoption of such motion, or the filing of such application, the Airport Zoning Board shall set a date for public hearing thereon, and such Board shall proceed in the same manner, insofar as applicable, as set forth in R.C. §§ 4563.05 and 4563.06.
   (B)   Conflicting regulations. Where there exists a conflict between any of the regulations or limitations prescribed in this chapter and any other regulations applicable to the same area, whether the conflict be with respect to the height of structures or trees, the use of land or any other matter, the more stringent limitation of the requirement shall govern and prevail.
('65 Code, § 1347.12)