§ 154.231  PERMITTED USES.
   (A)   Office uses including but not limited to professional services such as architects, accountants, engineers, surveyors, legal services, real estate services, insurance services and financial services.
   (B)   Other uses which are determined by the Planning Commission to be clearly similar in character to those listed in this section and in conformance with the general purpose of the district.
   (C)   The Planning Commission may, when it is determined there is a need to reduce traffic flows generated by a proposed C-5 development, restrict the amount of space proposed for any permitted use within any development.  The restriction will be measured as a percentage of total floor area allocated for any permitted use within the total floor area restriction allocated to any permitted use without prior approval by the Planning Commission.
('65 Code, § 1342.02)  (Ord. 94-86, passed 1-20-87; Am. Ord. 82-87, passed 12-1-87)