(A)   Minimum lot area:  20,000 square feet.
   (B)   Minimum lot width at front building line:  100 feet.
   (C)   Minimum lot depth:  150 feet.
   (D)   Minimum lot frontage:  75 feet.
   (E)   Minimum front yard depth:  50 feet.
   (F)   Minimum rear yard depth:  40 feet.
   (G)   Minimum side yard width:  10 feet.
   (H)   Maximum floor area ratio:  Proportion of floor area of all structures to total lot area shall not exceed 25%.
   (I)   Height regulations:  No structure shall exceed 35 feet.
   (J)   Adjacent to residential:  Yards adjacent to residential districts shall meet the front and side yardrequirements of the adjacent residential district but shall not be less than 25 feet.
   (K)   Parking and loading requirements:  As required in §§ 154.405 through 154.409 of this code.
('65 Code, § 1335.03)  (Ord. 98-072, passed 7-21-98; Am. Ord. 03-087, passed 9-6-03)  Penalty, see § 154.999