§ 154.142  SITE PLAN REVIEW.
   All uses permitted in § 154.141 except as otherwise provided in this subchapter shall be permitted only after the review and approval of the site plan by the Planning Commission upon a finding by the Commission that:
   (A)   The site plan shows that a proper relationship does exist between thoroughfare service roads, driveways and parking areas to encourage pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety.
   (B)   All the development features including the principal buildings, open spaces, service roads, driveways and parking areas are so located and related as to minimize the possibility of any adverse effects upon adjacent development.
   (C)   The site plan includes adequate provision for the screening of parking areas, service areas and active recreation areas from surrounding properties by landscaping and/or ornamental wall or fence.
   (D)   Grading and surface drainage provisions are reviewed and approved by the City Engineer.
   (E)   The design and construction standards of all private streets, driveways and parking areas are to be built following approval of plans by the City Engineer.
('65 Code, § 1334.03)