The Planning Commission may issue conditional zoning certificates for the following uses as listed in § 154.545, subject to the provisions in §§ 154.542 through 154.546:
   (A)   Churches and other buildings for the purpose of religious worship, subject to § 154.546(B)(3), (B)(4), (B)(6), (B)(10), (B)(12).
   (B)   Government-owned and/or operated buildings and facilities, subject to § 154.546(B)(4), (B)(6), (B)(7), (B)(10).
   (C)   Government-owned and/or operated parks, playgrounds and golf courses, etc., subject to § 154.546(B)(3), (B)(4), (B)(10).
   (D)   Home occupations, subject to § 154.546(B)(17).
   (E)   Institution for higher education, subject to § 154.546(B)(3), (B)(4) and (B)(6).
   (F)   Private recreational facilities with or without structures, subject to § 154.546(B)(3) and (B)(4).
   (G)   Public utility right-of-way and permanent structures, subject to § 154.546(B)(11) and (B)(21).
(Ord. 20-086, passed 12-1-20)