The following regulations shall apply to fences, walls, hedges and other plantings located along property lines.
   (A)   Front yard areas.
      (1)   Fences, walls and hedges located in front yard areas, as measured from the front wall of the primary structure to the front property line, shall not exceed a height of four feet.
      (2)   Fences, walls and hedges in the front yard shall be located a minimum of three feet off the front property line and require approval by the Director of Public Safety. The Director of Public Safety shall have the discretion to require a larger setback in necessary to promote safe sight distance along the adjacent street, or if the proposed fence, wall or hedge would be in contradiction of Chapter 96 of this code of ordinances.
      (3)   Privacy or solid style fences, such as board-on-board, stockade, etc., shall not be permitted in any front yard area within 20 feet of the front property line in order to prevent obstructions to the sight distance along a public or private roadway.
   (B)   Rear and side yard areas.
      (1)   Fences and walls along side yards, as measured from the front wall of the primary structure to the rear property line, and rear yards, shall not exceed a height of six feet.
      (2)   Hedges and other formal and informal plantings along property lines shall not be subject to height restrictions.
   (C)   General requirements.
      (1)   Fences, walls and hedges shall be maintained by the property owner.
      (2)   Fences, walls and hedges shall not be constructed within an easement without prior approval from the Director of Public Service. Property owners shall be responsible for reviewing their deeds for deed restrictions, easements and underground utilities that may affect the type and location of any proposed fence, wall or hedge.
      (3)   The Planning Commission shall have the authority to permit fences, walls and hedges to exceed the height restriction noted in this section if deemed necessary to provide adequate buffering for commercial, industrial, multi-family residential or conditional uses.
(Ord. 99-133, passed 12-21-99)