(A)   No structure or premise shall be used and no structure shall be erected which is to be used for the following class of prohibited uses.
      (1)   Petroleum refining.
      (2)   Cement, lime, gypsum, or plaster of Paris manufacture.
      (3)   Fertilizer manufacture from minerals or organic materials.
      (4)   Carbolic, sulfurous, sulfuric, nitric, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, or picric acid manufacture.
      (5)   Smelting of copper, tin, zinc, or iron ore.
      (6)   Distillation of bones; fat rendering; glue, sizing or gelatin manufacture.
      (7)   Soap, snuff or tobacco manufacturing.
      (8)   Stockyard.
      (9)   Junkyard.
      (10)   Storage, treatment or disposal of hazardous wastes, above ground or in any subsurface space.
      (11)   Paper, paperboard and pulp manufacturing.
      (12)   Manufacture of explosive materials such as gun powder, nitroglycerin or other explosive manufacture as an end product, or the storage thereof.
      (13)   Auto wrecking.
      (14)   Strip or open pit mining or excavating operations, including quarry, sand pit, gravel pit, topsoil excavating, and processing of coal and other natural resources.
      (15)   Tallow, grease and lard manufacture or refining.
      (16)   Temporary living quarters, other than structures, may not be occupied for more than one week.
      (17)   Basement homes.
      (18)   Mobile homes, which are not located in a manufactured home park and manufactured homes out of manufactured home parks, which are not in compliance with applicable zoning regulations and the Manufactured Housing Construction & Safety Standards Act of 1974.
      (19)   Creosote manufacture or treatment.
      (20)   Disinfectant, insecticide or poisoning manufacturing.
      (21)   Distillation of coal, petroleum, refuse, wood or bones.
      (22)   Asbestos manufacture.
      (23)   Ammonia, chlorine or bleaching powder manufacturing.
      (24)   Outdoor furnaces.
   (B)   Any expansion or enlargement of the above-cited prohibited uses now existing as a legal or lawful nonconforming use is not permitted.
(‘65 Code, §§ 1321.03, 1321.04) (Am. Ord. 97-051, passed 7-1-97; Am. Ord. 08-085, passed 10-21-08; Am. Ord. 11-020, passed 5-4-11) Penalty, see § 154.999