§ 154.001  PURPOSE.
   (A)   The City of Wadsworth originated as a farm trade and service center, expanded because of coal mining, the railroad and industries prior to World War II and then further expanded because of the dominant use of the motor vehicle after World War II.  Today the city functions as a shopping center and industrial core and also as a living area for workers of nearby communities.  The city is strategically located in respect to the major highways of U.S. 224/76 to the north and U.S. 21 to the east and also is within the area of influence of the expanding metropolitan region of the City of Akron. These factors deem it inevitable that future expansion of residential, commercial and industrial land uses will occur.
   (B)   It is essential to the well-being of the area that such development shall take place in an orderly manner so as to place no undue burden upon developers, industry, commerce or residences.  It is the purpose of the zoning code in this chapter to provide for that orderly development; to assure the provision of adequate sites for industry, commerce or residences; to provide for free movement of vehicles upon the proper streets and highways of the area; to protect industry, commerce and residences against incompatible uses of land; to assure the provision of adequate space for the parking of vehicles of customers using the commercial, retail and industrial areas.  In addition to the above, it is recognized that it is the purpose of industry and commerce to provide the means for decent and respectable lives for the citizens of a community.  In the interests of public health, safety, morals and the general welfare, it is essential that all districts be considered equal since all districts perform equally important within the community and that all districts be adequately protected in order to enable them to best perform their function within the community.  It is also essential that all of the uses of land and buildings within the city be so related as to provide for economy in government and so that they may mutually support each other in order that the fullest benefit may be derived from industrial, commercial and living areas.
('65 Code, § 1301.01)