(A)   For purposes of determining the storm water user fees, all properties in the city are classified into one of the following classes:
      (1)   Residential property;
      (2)   Other developed property; or
      (3)   Exempt property.
   (B)   Residential property fee: The City Council finds that the intensity of development of most parcels of real property in the city zoned residential is similar and that it would be excessively and unnecessarily expensive to determine precisely the square footage of the improvements (such as buildings, structures, and other impervious areas) on each such parcel. Therefore, all residential properties in the city shall be charged a flat storm water management fee, equal the base rate, regardless of the size of the parcel or improvements.
   (C)   Other developed property fee: The fee for other developed property in the city shall be the base rate multiplied by the numerical factor obtained by dividing the total impervious area (square feet) of the property by one ERU. The impervious surface area for non-residential property is the square footage for the buildings and other improvements on the property. The minimum storm water management fee for non-residential developed property shall equal the base rate for residential property.
   (D)   No fee shall be imposed as to exempt property as defined in § 55.02.
(Ord. 05-088, passed 8-16-05)