(A)   All applications for service shall be in accordance with and conform to the provisions of Chapter 50 through Chapter 56 of the Wadsworth Codified Ordinances and the regulations adopted by the Director of Public Service there under.
   (B)   Establishment. There is established for purposes of calculating the storm water user fees the equivalent residential unit (ERU).
   (C)   Definition. The ERU is the average square footage of impervious area of a developed single family residentially-zoned parcel within the city.
   (D)   Setting the ERU. The ERU shall be set by the City Council from time to time by ordinance or resolution.
   (E)   Source of ERU. The City Council shall have the discretion to determine the source of the data from which the ERU is established, taking into consideration the general acceptance and use of such source on the part of other storm water systems, and the reliability and general accuracy of the source. The Director of Public Service shall determine the impervious surface area of other developed property through property tax assessor’s rolls or site examination, mapping information, aerial photographs, and other reliable information.
(Ord. 05-088, passed 8-16-05; Am. Ord. 05-088, passed 8-16-05; Am. Ord. 07-053, passed 5-15-07)