The city shall disconnect services when:
   (A)   Non-payment of the utility bill.
   (B)   The customer has defaulted on an extended payment plan;
   (C)   The customer has requested utility service be terminated;
   (D)   Safety considerations so dictate;
   (E)   Tampering with the city facilities or utility service has occurred.
   (F)   Where the occupant is a tenant whose property owner is responsible for the utility service provided by the city, the property owner has requested disconnection, and the city has five days previously notified the tenant of its intent to discontinue electric or water service, and the tenant has not cured the delinquency or otherwise taken legal action to prohibit the city from disconnecting the electric or water service.
   (G)   NSF check.
(Ord. 07-053, passed 5-15-07; Am. Ord. 19-023, passed 4-16-19)