(A)   The provisions set forth in this chapter shall govern the provision of utility service by the city regardless of whether the premises where such utility service is provided is located inside or outside of the municipal corporate limits. 
      (1)   The city provides the following utility service:
         (a)   Solid Waste (Chapter 51);
         (b)   Electricity (Chapter 52);
         (c)   Sanitary Sewer (Chapter 53);
         (d)   Water (Chapter 54);
         (e)   Storm Water  (Chapter 55); and
         (f)   Telecommunications Services (Chapter 56).
      (2)   Unless otherwise specified in this chapter, all of the provisions of this chapter shall be applicable to each type of utility service provided by the city.
   (B)   The city shall be the sole and exclusive provider of electricity, water, sanitary sewerage, storm water sewerage, and residential refuse utility service in the city unless otherwise approved by the city.
   (C)   Nothing set forth in this chapter shall foreclose or bar the city from collecting fees and charges due and owing the city for the provision of water and sanitary sewerage services in the manner set forth in Ohio Revised Code § 743.04.
   (D)   All customers who receive utility service from the city shall comply with all of the obligations and requirements set forth in this chapter as well as any obligations and requirements imposed by any other chapter or duly authorized and adopted regulations.
(Ord. 07-053, passed 5-15-07)