§ 31.09 HOURS OF DUTY.
   (A)   Each member of the Police Department shall devote his or her entire time and attention to the duties of the Department, subject to the laws of the state, the rules and regulations adopted by resolution pursuant to § 31.13 and the applicable employment contract then in force with the Township, with respect to the number of days per week and the number of hours per day such members shall be and remain on duty.
   (B)   No member of the Police Department shall work or render services for any wage salary or other compensation, other than for the Police Department, unless he or she first obtains written approval therefor from the Chief, which approval shall be granted only when the Chief is reasonably certain that such work or services shall not be hazardous or hamper the proper and efficient performances of his or her official police duties.
(Ord. 860-98, passed 2-9-98)