12.28.130   Appeal procedure.
   In accord with the following provisions, any applicant or other interested person dissatisfied with any decision made under this chapter may appeal such decision:
   A.   The decision of the site plan review committee may be appealed to the planning commission and city council as provided in Sections 17.28.050 and 17.28.060.
   B.   Unless otherwise indicated, all appeals shall be made in writing and state the reason(s) for appeal. Such appeals shall be filed with the community development director or the city clerk as provided in Sections 17.28.050 and 17.28.060.
   C.   The receipt of a written appeal shall stay all actions, or put in  abeyance all permits or other discretionary approvals which may have been granted, pending the effective date of the decision of the body hearing the appeal.
   D.   Appeals shall be scheduled for the earliest regular meeting of the hearing body, not less than fifteen (15) days or more than forty-five (45) days after the date of filing an appeal, consistent with the agenda preparation procedures and schedule of the hearing body.
   E.   All appeals shall be considered in a public meeting consistent with the procedures set forth in Sections 17.28.050 and 17.28.060. All decision-making bodies hearing appeals shall consider the project in its entirety.
   F.   All appeals shall be accompanied by a fee, set by resolution of the city council, sufficient to cover the cost of handling the request. (Ord. 9605 § 25(part), 1996: prior code § 3716)