Chapter 10.04
Article 1. Uniform Traffic Ordinance
10.04.010   Definitions.
Article 2. Traffic Administration
10.04.020   Authority of city manager.
10.04.030   Duties of city manager--Delegation.
Article 3. Enforcement and Obedience to Traffic Regulations
10.04.040   Authority of police and fire department officials.
10.04.050   Persons other than officials shall not direct traffic.
10.04.060   Obedience to police or authorized officers.
10.04.070   Traffic regulations apply to persons riding bicycles or animals.
10.04.080   Obstruction or interference with police or authorized officers.
10.04.090   Public employees to obey traffic regulations.
10.04.100   Exemption of certain vehicles.
10.04.110   When vehicles may be removed from streets.
10.04.120   Authority of police in crowds.
10.04.130   Blocking entrance or exit to public or private property.
10.04.140   Authority to impose fees for removal, impound, storage, and release of properly impounded vehicles
10.04.150   Procedures for vehicle disposition; collection of fees