Chapter 9.04
Article 1. Use of Alcoholic Beverages
9.04.010   Intoxicated persons.
Article 2. Alcoholic Beverages--Warning Signs
9.04.020   Signs--Dangers of consuming alcoholic beverages during pregnancy.
9.04.030   Violations--Infractions.
Article 3. Possession of Open Containers Containing Alcoholic Beverages in Specified Areas Prohibited
9.04.040   Possession in specified areas prohibited.
9.04.050   Intoxicating beverages -- Consumption on public streets, etc., and on commercial parking lots and adjacent land unlawful.
9.04.060   Possession in specified areas--Vehicles.
9.04.070   Alcoholic beverage--Defined.
9.04.080   Exceptions.
9.04.090   Exception--State law.
9.04.100   Misdemeanor.
9.04.110   Severability.