112.01   Definitions
   112.02   Sales by city
   112.03   Unlicensed business prohibited
   112.04   Unlawful to violate liquor laws; reapplication upon conviction
   112.05   Public nuisance
   112.06   Classifications of licenses and fees
   112.07   Hours and restrictions
   112.08   [Reserved]
   112.09   Providing alcoholic beverage to persons under 21 years of age
   112.10   Purchase, possession, or consumption by person under 21 years of age; misrepresentation of age
   112.11   Permitting persons to become intoxicated
   112.12   Permitting intoxicated persons to enter premises
   112.13   Sale of beer in kegs; records and marking required
   112.14   Open receptacles in public areas prohibited
   112.15   Possession in motor vehicles
   112.16   Bottle clubs prohibited
   112.17   Indecent exposure
   112.18   Special alcoholic beverage licenses issued in conjunction with special events
   112.19   Video lottery machine licenses
   112.20   Suitable applicant
   112.21   Suitable location
   112.22   Suitable applicant and suitable location consideration
   112.23   Full-service on-sale restaurant licenses
   112.24   Wholesale purchase
   112.25   Submission of invoices and assessment of fees
   112.26   Delivery and sale required within city
   112.27   Consequences for failure to timely pay city
   112.28   Maintenance of records
   112.29   Use of funds
   112.30   Annual review
   112.31   Effective date
   Sale of alcohol prohibited at amateur boxing, kickboxing or mixed martial arts events, see § 117.02