Sales and Use Tax
   34.01   Purpose
   34.02   Imposition of retail sales and service tax
   34.03   Use of revenue
   34.04   Collection
   34.05   Use tax
   34.06   Interpretation
Municipal Gross Receipts Tax
   34.20   Purpose
   34.21   Effective date
   34.22   Collection
   34.23   Interpretation
   34.24   Use of revenue
Urban and Rural Service Districts
   34.35   Service districts established
   34.36   Rural Service District; criteria for lands included
   34.37   Rural Service District; lands described
   34.38   Lands included in Urban Service District
   34.39   Agricultural land annexed; limitation on mill levy and assessed value
   34.40   Platting or construction in Rural Service District; report; transfer to urban district
   34.41   Filing ordinance amendment or order with County Auditor
   34.99   Penalty
   Appendix A: Lands Included in the Rural Service District