SECTION VI-2. Powers and Duties.
   The Planning Commission shall act as the platting commissioners of the Municipality, and as such it shall have control of planning and shall provide regulations relating to the platting of all lands within the Municipality so as to secure the harmonious development thereof and to provide for the coordination of streets with other streets and with the official master plan for the entire Municipality, as herein described, and to provide for open spaces for traffic, utilities, access to fire-fighting apparatus, recreation, light and air and for the avoidance of congestion of population.
   It shall make such regulations as it deems necessary as to the manner in which streets and other public ways shall be graded and improved and the manner in which and the extent to which water, sewer and other utility mains, piping or other facilities shall be installed, and in addition may establish any other conditions precedent to the approval of a proposed plat.
   The Planning Commission shall make plans and maps of the whole or any portion of the Municipality and of any land outside of the Municipality which, in the opinion of the Commission, bears a reasonable relation to the platting of the Municipality and shall make changes in, additions to and appraisals of such plans or maps when it deems the same advisable. A comprehensive general plan to be known as the official master plan shall be prepared. It shall provide for the overall development of the Municipality and shall be reviewed periodically and revised as necessary giving due consideration to those areas requiring redevelopment or urban renewal.
   It shall have such powers as may be conferred upon it by ordinance of the Council concerning the plan, design, location, removal, relocation and alteration of any public building or structure or any building or structure located on public streets or property; the location, relocation, widening, extension and vacation of streets, alleys, public ways, parks, playgrounds, recreation areas, parkways, and other public places; the regulation and restriction of the location of buildings and other structures and of premises to be used for trade, industry, residence, or other specified uses; the regulation and limitation of height of buildings and other structures to be erected or altered; the regulation of the bulk and location of buildings and other structures to be erected or altered, including the percentage of lot occupancy, setback building lines, and the area of yards, courts and other open spaces; the zoning and re-zoning of the Municipality for any lawful purpose; and such other powers as now or may hereafter be conferred upon it by ordinances of the Council or the general laws of the State of Ohio, to the extent not inconsistent with this Charter or such ordinances.
   All plans, recommendations and regulations made by the Planning Commission shall be submitted to and approved by Council before the same shall be considered as official.