SECTION VI-3. Mandatory Referral.
   No public building, street, boulevard, parkway, park, playground, bridge, tunnel, publicly or privately-owned utility or part thereof shall be constructed or authorized to be constructed in the Municipality, nor shall any street, avenue, parkway, boulevard or alley be opened for any purpose whatsoever, nor shall any street, avenue, parkway, boulevard or alley be widened, narrowed, relocated, vacated, or its use changed, or any ordinance referred to zoning or other regulations controlling the use or development of land be adopted unless and until the action proposed to be taken or the ordinance or regulation proposed to be adopted shall have been submitted to the Planning Commission for report and recommendation. Any matter so referred to the Planning Commission shall be acted upon by it within sixty days from the date of referral unless a different period of time be provided by Council. If the Planning Commission shall fail to make a report and recommendation on such matter within the time allotted, it shall be deemed to have approved such matter. Any resolution, ordinance or order, or any part or provision thereof, disapproved by formal action of the Planning Commission shall require a two-thirds vote of the members of Council for adoption or authorization.