9-1-10: PENALTY:
   A.   For the violation of any of the foregoing provisions of this chapter and for nonpayment of sewer rates when due, the town reserves the right to turn off the water without notice and the consumer shall forfeit any payment made; and after the water has been turned off from any service pipe on account of the violation of any of the rules or for nonpayment of sewer rates, the same shall not be turned on until the rules are strictly complied with and all back rates are paid, together with the expense of turning off and on the water, which in each case will not be less than twenty dollars ($20.00).
   B.   In case two (2) or more parties or families are supplied with water from the same service pipe, if either party violates any of the foregoing rules or fails to pay the water rate when due, the same privilege of turning off the water is reserved to the town.
   C.   When a party uses water for domestic purposes and for irrigation or any other purposes from the same service pipe, nonpayment of sewer rates will subject the consumer to the rule entitling the town to shut off the water and it shall be the duty of the town under such circumstances to shut off the same. (Ord. 181, 8-11-2016, eff. 9-10-2016)