A.   Required: Any person desiring to make connection with an existing or extended public sewer line shall make application to the town clerk on an application form to be furnished by the town.
   B.   Information Required: All applicants for permits for new construction to sewers must first give a description of the property to be served, grade at building line, and such other information as may be required by the town clerk for the proper direction of the work, and must be signed by the owner or his authorized agent.
   C.   Excavations: No person shall excavate for or construct any sewer main, service or connection thereto, or modify or repair the same, without holding a proper permit for such work from the town.
   D.   Plumbing Requirements: Permits to connect to the town sewer system shall not be issued unless the plumbing in the house or building to be connected is in accordance with the provisions of the building and plumbing codes of the town.
   E.   Special Permit For Owner Of Property: No permit for the construction, modification or repair of any sewer drain shall be given to any person who has not obtained a permit in the manner set forth by the town council. The town council may, at its regular or special meeting thereof, authorize a person who shall be the owner of a building and who desires to himself do all of the work and labor necessary in the construction, modification or repair of any sewer or drain, to do the work and labor under the direct supervision of the public works department. In the event such authorization is given, the fees for connecting shall be increased and the fee shall include the cost of such supervision by the public works department. (Ord. 181, 8-11-2016, eff. 9-10-2016)