A.   Responsibilities:
      1.   Mayoral Duties Generally: The mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the waterworks and shall have charge of all employees and all property pertaining to the waterworks and sewer system. The mayor shall have charge of all contracts and shall see that they are faithfully executed.
      2.   Public Works Department's Duties Generally: The public works department (PWD) shall give written orders for all supplies and materials to the mayor for justification and shall preserve a copy of such orders in the public works department's office. The PWD shall have charge of the erection, alteration, maintenance and cleaning of all buildings, engines, pumps, fixtures, wells, reservoirs and grounds. The PWD shall determine the location and size of all water mains, sewer lines, service connections, valves, and hydrants in compliance with all applicable state codes and laws.
      3.   Records Maintained: The public works department shall keep a correct record of location of all mains (water and sewer), hydrants, and valves and all work performed including replacement or maintenance of existing mains, hydrants, and valves. The PWD shall submit to the mayor all bills, monthly description of services, vacation time taken, and sick leave taken. The PWD shall keep a correct account of water delivered through the normal flow system, through bulk water sales and through hydrant sales. The PWD will prepare and present a public works report indicating the water usage for the previous month to the town council during the monthly town meeting.
      4.   Water Turn Off Notices: The public works department also notifies water service account holders of water turn off notices by hanging the notice (yellow tag) on the door of each account necessary.
      5.   Water Service: The public works department will turn off and on water service when needed as advised by the deputy town clerk.
      6.   Reading, Billing, Receipts, Deposits And Shutoff Notices (Yellow Tags): The deputy town clerk is responsible for the following:
         a.   Using the current meter reading system, creates a meter reading route in the system.
         b.   Drives the route and allows the reader to collect the current meter reading.
         c.   Uploads the meter readings from the handheld to the computer program.
         d.   Produces bills and mails them to customers.
         e.   Collects and records all water bill payments received.
         f.   Prepares and makes a weekly deposit of all proceeds received.
         g.   After the twentieth of the month, produces a listing of all water accounts for the purpose of finding overdue accounts.
         h.   Prepares a water shutoff notice (yellow tag) for each account deemed overdue according to rule 5 of this chapter allowing three (3) business days for payment before water service will be turned off.
         i.   Notifies the public works department when the water shutoff notices are ready.
         j.   Notifies the public works department of which accounts need to have their water service turned off.
         k.   Collects all overdue and current amounts due (fully paid account) plus a twenty dollar ($20.00) fee for turning the service back on.
         l.   Notifies the public works department to turn water service back on for paid up accounts.
   B.   Permits: The Valier town office shall issue all permits approved by the town council for tapping mains, and shall record all taps, service pipes, their size, location, materials used and the worked on projects.
   C.   Pump Record: The public works department shall keep a daily record of the work of each pump, the pressure maintained, the number of gallons pumped and such other data as may be deemed necessary.
   D.   Gates And Hydrants: The public works department shall see that all gates and hydrants are restored to their proper condition after use by the fire department and shall check the same at least once each month, and shall report all breaks and complete prompt repairs.
   E.   Taps And Service Pipes: The public works department shall make all taps for services and examine all service pipes and connections, and see that they are properly laid and stopcocks are properly placed and keep a record of the same.
   F.   Inspection: Whenever necessary the public works department may inspect the premises of any consumer for the purpose of examining the condition of all pipes, meters, water fixtures and sewer lines and will be vigilant to detect and eliminate all abuses, whether from waste or other improper use of water. (Ord. 181, 8-11-2016, eff. 9-10-2016)