A.   Specifications: The material and method of constructing sidewalks and curbs shall conform in all respects to the specifications adopted by the Town Council. These specifications shall be on file in the Town Clerk's office at all times. (1965 Code § 9-1-1)
   B.   Construction By Property Owner: It shall be the duty of every property owner, upon notification by the Town Council, to construct or repair sidewalks or curbs as such is prescribed in said notice. (1965 Code § 9-1-2)
   C.   Failure To Comply: If such property owner shall fail, after notification, to construct or repair such sidewalk or curb, the Town Council may order the same constructed or repaired. The costs of said work shall be assessed against the property owner for which said sidewalk or curb was constructed or repaired and said cost shall become a lien upon the property. (1965 Code § 9-1-3)