Failure to renew a business license in a timely manner shall result in the following delinquent charges:
   A.   A business license reminder will be forwarded to each business that the Town Council approves for continued licensing in June of the fiscal year prior to the renewal year. Licenses are due and payable on July 1 of the current fiscal year.
   B.   If a business license renewal is not paid prior to September 1 of the fiscal year due, an additional charge of five dollars ($5.00) will be assessed, and an additional five dollars ($5.00) will be added for every month beyond September of the fiscal year due.
   C.   Nothing contained in this section shall prohibit the Town from suspending or revoking a business license for failure to renew said license within twelve (12) months after the date the license fees were due. (Ord. 183, 11-13-2017, eff. 12-13-2017)