A.   Duties: The Town Clerk-Treasurer shall maintain the blank Valier business license application forms, require the applicant to complete the form, collect the business license fees, record the transaction and issue a receipt, include the license to be considered on the Town Council meeting agenda for the next Town meeting and provide the application for the Council's consideration. If approved, the Clerk-Treasurer will complete the license number, the date issued and expires date on the application and issue the license to the business representative within ten (10) days of the approval.
   B.   Application For License: All businesses required to be licensed by this chapter will complete the Valier business license application provided by the Town Clerk-Treasurer. Each application shall contain the following information:
      1.   The full business name, permanent address and phone number of the applicant.
      2.   The location or locations of the business in the Town, providing the street address, phone number and the name of the person in charge at each location.
      3.   The length of time a daily/transient business license will be doing business in Town.
      4.   If the party actually applying for a license is the agent or representative of the applicant, the full name, address and phone number of said agent or representative, and the full name, address and phone number of the principal, if different than that of the applicant.
   C.   Issuance Or Denial Of License: It shall be the duty of the Town Clerk-Treasurer to issue a business license within ten (10) days of the Town Council's approval of the application, unless an inspection by the Pondera County Sanitarian, the Valier Fire Department, or the Chief Operator of the Valier Public Works Department indicates a violation of a Town ordinance, State law, or regulation existing at the place of business sought to be licensed. A written description of said violation specifying the steps necessary to qualify the premises for license shall be furnished to the applicant by the Town Council through the Town Clerk-Treasurer. (Ord. 183, 11-13-2017, eff. 12-13-2017)