(A)   Posting.  Every notice to vacate shall in addition to being served as provided in § 91.055 shall be posted at or upon each exit of the building and shall be in substantially the following form:
Do Not Enter
Unsafe to Occupy
   It is a misdemeanor to occupy this building, or to remove or deface this notice.
County official____________of Valencia County.
   (B)   Compliance.  Whenever the notice is posted, the county official shall include a notification thereof in the notice and resolution issued under § 91.056, reciting the findings and specifying the conditions which necessitate the posting.  No person shall remain in or enter any building which has been so posted, except that entry may be made to repair, demolish or remove the building under permit or permission of the county.  No person will remove or deface any notice after it is posted until the required repairs, demolition or removal have been completed without the consent of the county.  In a renovation of the building a building permit must be issued pursuant to the provisions of the Uniform Building Code.
(Ord. 2003-2, passed 12-17-2003)  Penalty, see § 10.99