(A)   County ordinances may be enforced by prosecution for violations of those ordinances in any court of competent jurisdiction of the county.  Penalties for violations of any county ordinances shall not exceed a fine of $300 or imprisonment for 90 days or both the fine and imprisonment; except that the county may enact and enforce ordinances that impose the following penalties in addition to any other penalty provided by law:
      (1)   No more than $1,000 for discarding or disposing of refuse, litter or garbage on public or private property in any manner other than by disposing it in an authorized landfill;
      (2)   No more than $5,000 for the improper or illegal disposal of hazardous materials or waste in
any manner other than as provided for in the Hazardous Waste Act (NMSA Chapter 74, Article 4); and
      (3)   No more than imprisonment for 364 days or a fine of $1,000, or both, for violation of an ordinance regarding driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.
   (B)   Prosecution of violations under this section may be commenced by the issuance of a citation charging the violation.  Citations may be issued by an employee or employees of the county authorized by the Board of County Commissioners to issue these citations.