§ 91.056  ENFORCEMENT.
   (A)   Failure of the record owner of the property to comply with any notice issued by the county official shall result in the county official to submit a report to the manager with the department's findings.
   (B)   In the event that the county official's findings determine that any building or structure is ruined, damaged and dilapidated, or a premise is covered with ruins, rubbish, wreckage or debris the Manager shall cause the matter to be presented to the Commission at a regularly scheduled Commission meeting.
   (C)   The findings of the county official shall be presented to the Commission who may then, by resolution, find that the dangerous or abandoned building, manufactured or mobile home, wreckage, rubbish or debris is a public nuisance to the health, safety and welfare of Valencia County and requires the renovation or the removal by the county of the building, structure, ruins, rubbish, wreckage or debris.
   (D)   (1)   A copy of the resolution shall be served upon the property owner(s) (such as mortgage company) and posted on the property; and 1 copy thereof shall be served on each of the following if known to the county official or disclosed from official public records:
         (a)   The holder of any mortgage or deed of trust or other lien or encumbrance of record;
         (b)   The owner or holder of any lease of record; and
         (c)   The holder of any other estate or legal interest of record in or to the building or the land on which it is located.
      (2)   The failure of the county official to serve any person required herein to be served shall not invalidate any proceeding hereunder as to any person duly served or relieve any person from any duty or obligation imposed by the provisions of this chapter. If the owner, as shown by the above records cannot be served within the confines of Valencia County, a copy of the resolution shall be posted on the building, structure or premise and a copy of the resolution shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting of the Commission.
   (E)   Within 10 days of the receipt of a copy of the resolution or of the posting and publishing of a copy of the resolution, the owner or occupant or agent in charge of the building, structure or premise shall commence repairing the premise or removing the building, structure, wreckage, rubbish, or debris, or file a written objection to the Manager requesting a public hearing before the Commission.
(Ord. 2003-2, passed 12-17-2003)  Penalty, see § 10.99