(A)   No sign shall be erected, installed, displayed or modified, and no sign copy shall be changed or replaced, prior to issuance of a sign permit by the Zoning Administrator unless exempted from the permit requirements by this section. Sign permits shall become null and void if erection or installation is not commenced within 120 days from the date of issuance, or if the work is suspended or abandoned for 120 days at any time after the work was commenced. A new permit shall be obtained and fees paid in full for the new permit prior to continuing any suspended or abandoned work, and the work shall comply with the requirements of this Code as of the date of issuance of the new permit.
   (B)   A permit is not required for painting, cleaning and other customary annual maintenance or repair of a legal sign if the sign is not modified in any way.
   (C)   Permits for real estate signs, project signs and construction signs shall expire the earlier of six months or when the premises are sold or leased or the project or construction is completed, according to the purpose for the sign. These signs shall be promptly removed upon expiration unless renewed together with payment of relevant fees.
   (D)   The following signs are hereby exempted from the permit requirements but shall otherwise comply with all requirements of this Code:
      (1)   Garage and yard sale signs that comply with § 158.019 and all other requirements of this Code;
      (2)   Real estate signs not exceeding five square feet in area and compliant with § 158.028 and all other requirements of this Code, in all zoning districts;
      (3)   Political signs that comply with § 158.029 and all other requirements of this Code;
      (4)   Directional signs that do no contain any advertising copy and that comply with all requirements of this Code;
      (5)   Temporary window signs, provided that the signs do not cover more than 25% of the window area and are not displayed for more than 30 total (but not necessarily consecutive) days per calendar year;
      (6)   Except window signs, signs that are located within the confines of a building and not legible from a public street or way;
      (7)   Traffic-control signs on private streets and drives, and for parking lot circulation aisles and drives, that do not contain any advertising or other copy unrelated to a traffic-control purpose;
      (8)   Service signs identifying restrooms, first aid stations, emergency shelters and other similar noncommercial public service facilities, and official signs identifying handicapped parking and other publicly-enforced parking restrictions;
      (9)   Street addresses on buildings and signs not exceeding four square feet in area, or larger in area if an increased size is required by city ordinances or by order of the Fire or Police Chief;
      (10)   No trespass, no hunting and similar restrictive signs, each not to exceed two square feet in area, if placed upon private property by the owner at intervals of 300 or more feet; and
      (11)   Memorial signs or plaques not exceeding ten square feet in area.
(Title VII, Ch. 17, § 6.1) (Ord. 2008-08, passed 6-3-2008) Penalty, see § 158.999