The City of University Heights, as its limits are now or may hereafter be, shall continue to be a municipal corporation of the State of Ohio under the same name.
   There are hereby reserved to the City of University Heights all powers, general or special, governmental or proprietary, which may now or hereafter lawfully be possessed or exercised by any municipal corporation of Ohio. No enumeration herein of specific powers shall be held to be exclusive.
   The powers of this City may be exercised in the manner prescribed in this Charter, or, to the extent that the manner is not prescribed herein, in such manner as the Council may prescribe. The powers of this City may also be exercised, except as a contrary intent appears in this Charter or in the enactments of the Council conformably hereto in such manner as may now or hereafter be provided by the general law of Ohio.
   None of the powers herein reserved shall be withdrawn from the exclusive control of this City, nor shall the corporate existence of this City be terminated or merged, nor shall any territory be detached from or annexed to this City without the assent of at least a majority of the electors of this City voting upon such proposition.