SECTION 1. Nominations and Elections. Nominations for elective officers of this City shall be made only by petition, signed by registered electors of the City not less in number than three percent (3%) of the number voting at the last regular municipal election and accompanied by the written acceptance of the nominee. The nomination of each candidate shall be made by separate petition and filed with the Board of Elections not later than 4:00 o'clock p.m. on the ninetieth (90th) (day prior to the date of election. No primary election shall be held for the selection of candidates for any elective office of the City. No nomination to any elective office of this City shall be of any effect unless made as required by this section. The ballot used in the election of officers of this City shall be without party mark or designation. The names of all candidates for City office shall be placed upon the same ballot, and shall be rotated in the manner provided by the general law of Ohio. Except as provided in this Charter, the general laws of Ohio shall govern the nomination and election of the elective officers of the City.
(11-5-1957; 11-6-2012)
   SECTION 2. Qualifications of Officers. Each elective officer of the City shall be a qualified elector of the City, shall have resided continuously therein not less than one year next preceding his election, and shall continue to reside therein during his term of office. He shall hold no other elective public office during his term, neither shall he hold any other public employment incompatible with his elective office in this City during such term, except as otherwise provided in this Charter, and further excepting the office of notary public and membership in the militia or reserve corps. The Council shall determine whether any public employment is incompatible with his elective office in this City.
   No officer of this City, elective or otherwise, shall have any financial interest in any contract with or expenditure of money by this City other than his fixed compensation and for expenses of travel as provided in Section 3 of Article 8. Such interest shall disqualify him from holding office, in addition to the other penalties provided by law.
   Every officer of this City shall, before assuming the duties of his office, take and subscribe his oath or affirmation to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Ohio and faithfully, honestly and impartially to discharge the duties of the office, and shall give such bond as may be required of him conformably to this Charter.
   Commencing January 1, 1996, without counting terms held prior to that date in such office, no person shall be eligible to hold the same elective office in the City for more than three (3) consecutive four (4) year elective terms or fourteen (14) consecutive years whether elected or appointed. "Consecutive" shall include time out of office for less than sixty (60) days.
   SECTION 3. Removal of Officers. Any officer of this City shall be subject to removal in such manner as is now or may hereafter be provided by the general laws of Ohio, or by this Charter.
   In addition, the Council may remove any officer of the City, including Councilman, for violation of any of the provisions of the next preceding section, or for failing or ceasing to possess any other qualification established by this Charter for his office, or for the conviction while in office of any crime involving moral turpitude, but no such removal shall be made without the concurrence of at least five members of the Council nor until the accused officer shall have been given a written copy of the charges against him and an opportunity to be heard, with at least ten days notice of the time and place of hearing.
   Absence of a Councilman from five consecutive regular meetings of the Council, without such absence being authorized by an affirmative vote of four of the remaining members of the Council, shall operate to vacate such office of Councilman forthwith.