Licensing and Regulating Solicitors
   110.001   Definitions
   110.002   License required
   110.003   License application
   110.004   License fee
   110.005   Issuance of license
   110.006   Revocation
   110.007   Hearing on appeal
   110.008   Re-application
   110.009   Display
Licensing of Pinball Machines, Music Machines
and Other Coin-Operated Amusement Devices
   110.025   License required
   110.026   Fees
   110.027   Payment date; duration of licenses
License or Occupational Tax Upon Certain Businesses
   110.040   Exercise of revenue license power
   110.041   Definitions
   110.042   Occupation license required
   110.043   License tax year
   110.044   Occupations subject to tax amount
   110.045   Exceptions and deductions
   110.046   Application or return of license
   110.047   Monthly and annual payment of tax
   110.048   Tax based on current year; commencement of business during tax year
   110.049   Monthly payments; license prerequisite
   110.050   Sale or transfer of business
   110.051   Taxpayer to keep books and records; returns confidential
   110.052   Recorder to investigate returns
   110.053   Over or under payment of tax
   110.054   Remedy for nonpayment of tax
   110.055   Appeals to City Council
   110.056   Recorder to make rules
   110.057   Licenses; posting; unlawful use of
   110.058   Sales; returns and the like
License Fee Schedule
   110.075   License fee required
   110.076   License required before operation
   110.077   License payable to City Recorder
   110.078   Multiple trade and business at same location
   110.999   Penalty